Dark Red Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are nutritious, versatile, and chock full of vitamins and minerals. They’re found in many dishes like baked beans for breakfast, burritos for lunch, chili for dinner and quinoa bean salad as a side dish, just to name a few. Kidney beans is a popular food all over the world due to their savoury texture and ability to absorb flavours. Here are some health benefits of kidney beans that make them a good food to include in your diet.

Dark Red Kidney Beans

Dark Red Kidney Beans

Fibre – High in fibre which is great at preventing constipation thus help keeping your colon and digestive tract healthy. Meats also have fibre but fibre from vegetables and legumes is healthier and better.

Folate – Folate is a B vitamin commonly found in vegetables and legumes. Folate or folic acid provides several nutritional benefits, including it’s ability to work against heart disease and other cardiovascular illnesses. One cup of kidney beans provides your daily need of folate.

Protein – Kidney beans are an excellent source of protein. Protein is necessary to build strong muscles. If you’re on an all-protein diet considering substituting some beans for red meat to your diet. It’s a safer and more productive way to build lean muscle. The protein found in red meat isn’t as healthy as legume protein. Red meat can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Calories – Kidney beans has about 225 calories per cup. Eating kidney beans, which is high in fibre will help keep you feeling full longer, therefore you will naturally cut down on your overall calories intake. Also, you will have more energy to exercise and lose weight.

Fat – Kidney beans are low in fats and it has both saturated and unsaturated fat. A healthy diet should containing some fats, and fats from legumes are better than fats from animal products.

Cholesterol – Kidney beans are cholesterol free.

Sodium – Kidney beans are naturally low in sodium. The low sodium benefits of the kidney bean help you avoid high blood pressure and fluid retention.

Kidney beans make the perfect addition to any diet, and it is extremely beneficial for vegetarian diet.

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