Heart in Hands

About 16 months ago I had a stroke, and hospitalized for 11 days. I spent 6 days in intensive care. During that time I learned that I have aorta dissection, a condition brought on by having had high blood pressure that went unchecked for a very long time. The reason, which in retrospect seems quite dumb, that I neglected to visit a doctor in over 15 years was because I felt complacent and since I seldom got sick, I ate a relatively healthy diet, and I had a dedicated exercise regiment I assumed I was healthy.

heart shape carved on apple

Heart in Hands … Image courtesy of Clare Bloomfield at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I did not think for a second that I had anything to worry about, and but for the stroke which ended up saving my life. I may never learn that I have a tear in the inner wall of my aorta, until it’s too late. It could have ruptured during any high impact activity including workout and working hard. Should that occur my chances of survival would have diminished greatly.

With the diagnosis of aorta dissection I am not allowed to exert myself and due to the stroke I experience uncomfortable numbing all day. This is the main reason I starting this blog and begin to take a deeper interest into cooking, blogging or anything else that come to mind.

It is strange to say this, but I am grateful for the stroke for I held my heart in my hands all this time and I could have been more responsible with it, but I wasn’t. Can’t change the past and now I am on mission to repair my heart and mind. By the way, starting this blog about “heart and mind” on February 14th is a sweet coincident.

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