Rare After Stroke Symptom

In the past week I’ve researched for information and perhaps relief for my after stroke symptoms of numbness and chill or coldness immediately after eating. These symptoms off course were the result of the stroke from which I suffered about 16 months ago. Immediately after the stroke the right side of my body felt numbed and chilled, including numbness to the right side of my skull and face. In the head area, the area most affected is my eye socket, ear and back of my head, all on the right hand-side.


Stroke … Courtesy David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’ve consulted many doctors and they all said that the coldness or chill I get after eating is a rare after stroke symptom and unfortunately none of them ever heard of it, including the doctor from the Stroke Prevention Clinic. Suffice to say I was quite discouraged with those responses since none of those medical professionals were able to reassure me and help putting my mind at ease. I felt isolated.

During my research I stumbled upon WebMD.com forum and read a thread where I found others who not only experienced the more common numbness symptom following their strokes, or brain surgeries, but most of them also experienced body chills. At last, I found others who experienced similar symptoms that I have, and sadly but not surprisingly most of their doctors also never heard of the coldness symptom. Some of the doctors went as far as telling their patients that the coldness had nothing to do with the stroke. While I did not find any definitive relief suggestion, I did find others who experienced similar symptoms and that made me feel less isolated and reassured. I will stay positive and continually work toward a recovery.

Finally, I’ve come to realized that the doctors classify my symptom as a ‘rare after stroke symptom’ is just another way for them to say ‘they don’t know’. I can appreciate that the medical community do not know much about the brain yet, and it is okay to say that they don’t know. Instead of telling the patients that they will research or ask around to see if any of their colleagues have information, they take the easier way out by prescribing medication, like Lyrica.

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