Strong as a Tree

A year ago by eldest brother Norman had a heart event the day after Valentine’s, and the ambulance took him to the hospital. While in the emergency room he passed and we learned that he died from a ruptured aorta as the result of having aorta dissection, a condition was never diagnosed. Aorta dissection is quite hard to diagnosed for he did have high blood pressure, but it was under control. As a matter of fact his doctor gave him a good bill of health just few weeks before the heart event that took him from us.

Strong as a Tree

Strong as a Tree … Courtesy of franky242 at

The sadness and news of my brother’s passing shook me to my core. Yesterday, February 15th, marked the 1 year anniversary of my brother’s passing and our family and friends got together to remember him.

My brother left Vietnam in 1975 right after the war ended. In his twenties he immigrated to Canada and worked hard to eventually sponsored the rest of my family to Canada. Throughout the years I observed him and how dealt with the difficult things in life and he had always demonstrated strong and sturdy determination; strong as a tree.

I am grateful to him and I miss him dearly. He is a religious person; while I am not, and I respect his belief. I respect him tremendously and I hope that he is in heaven and at peace.

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