The H2O Diet

Recently, I read The H2O Diet by Gene Coates and Jeannette Murueta. The book was an easy read and straightforward, and after reading I realized how little I knew about nutrition and how the body processes the various nutrients, such as, carb, fat, and fibre. Furthermore, I clued in on how little water I drank and I literally deprive my body of water to the point of dehydration.

Water H2O Diet

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Lately, I have not been posting, because I have dealt with the discomfort of the numbness to my body on the right side due to my stroke. It is hard to write or care when you are suffering from the annoying numbness that occur at every waking moment. I have sought advice from many sources including doctors, specialists, and internet medical forum and it would seem nobody really have the answer. I did find others who experience the same symptoms but they too experienced the same responses from their doctors that I did.

Instead of waiting for the problem to maybe resolve on its own, which all my doctors told me, I have decided to take matter into my own hands tryout the H2O diet and perhaps that may help to ease if not cure the numbness. Why do I think the H2O diet may help for my situation? Well, I’ve always been bad at drinking the recommended water level. Some days I drink one glass of water without thinking about how that would cause dehydration and how it can cause damage to my body. I am beginning to drink the proper amount of water daily to help my body to heal my brain, hopefully. Since the brain and body consist of over 60% in water and when I was drinking inadequate water I am doing my body a disservice by depriving it of it most abundant and natural element.

I will refer to more to The H2O Diet in future posts

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