The Politics of Healthcare

More than a year after my stroke, I continually suffer from numbness to the right side of my head, face, body, right arm, hip, leg and foot. Also, the right side of my body gets chilly after I eat almost any food. The degrees of the chill depend of the type of food I eat, mainly influence by the type of spices in the recipes. I consulted with various doctors and none of them have a clue about why I would feel the chill after ingesting food.

Foot Numb Pain

Foot Numb and Pain … courtesy of Somkiat Fakmee at

Recently, I visited a neurologist and discussed my numbed foot, since the chill that I get after eating usually only last up to an hour. Unlike the ‘increased’ foot numbness, which can last up to 24 hours. I asked my doctor about getting some relief for my numbness and I wanted natural remedies including medical marijuana. But instead of prescribing alternative natural remedies my doctor prescribed Lyrica. She told me that I must first exhaust all my options with prescription medication before the Canadian government would allow her to prescribe medical marijuana.

Upon filling the prescription for Lyrica I read the accompanying literature and it was alarming. I decided to do some more research before taking this medication and I learned that  some people experienced very undesirable ‘possible’ side effects, but the most worrisome aspect for me is how hard it was for people who were on Lyrica trying to get off this medication because they cannot handle the side effects. The process of weaning off the medication was rather unpleasant and they labeled it as going through withdrawal. Some experienced major migraines for days, body pain, vomiting and increased blood pressure. Due to my aorta dissection I must avoid any activity that can increase my blood pressure.

Suffice to say I will not take this medication. I am sure for some people Lyrica is a good option but for me I would prefer to explore more natural and less aggressive pain management strategy first before resorting to medication that mess with my brain function. I hope that the Liberals headed by Justin Trudeau get sworn in as Canada’s next Prime Minister. Hopefully we can say good-bye to Stephen Harper and good-bye to his politics of the healthcare system. The States have already begun to systematically decriminalize marijuana uses and yet Canada headed by Stephen Harper is still pandering the pharmaceutical, ultra-conservative and religious lobbyists.

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