Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese (Vietnamese) New Year! I immigrated to Canada from Vietnam over 3 decades ago when I was 10 years old. I still remember celebrating lunar calendar new year and it was very different from celebrating new year in Canada. Although, I am sure things changed a lot since I left Vietnam but I can recall that there is so much more excitement over new year and the celebration last much long than here in Canada.

Chinese New Year Firecracker

Chinese New Year Firecracker … Courtesy Kittisak at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In my experience, in Canada the emphasis is on the new years eve’s party and counting the down at midnight. In Canada, I’ve noticed that we place more importance on the exact passage of time when the clock turns 12:01 and the new year begins. We reminisce on the year past, and make new year resolutions promising to avoid the same trappings and failures while propose to explore new avenues for success.

In Vietnam the emphasis is on the new year day when all the celebration take place. Often, the celebration continues and spill over on to January 2nd and 3rd. Growing up we burn firecrackers on January 1st to 3rd, but now the government banned firecrackers. I can fondly remember the sound of firecracker going off like machine guns, the sight of smoke billowing from the burnt firecrackers, and smell of gun powder fills the air and my nostrils.

I remember starting off new year day with a ceremonial and obligatory wishing of good health, wealth, and success to our elders and in return our elders would give us a red envelope containing cash. Unlike Christmas which is a secular holiday and celebrated by certain religions. Almost everyone celebrate new year day. I remember celebrating new year’s day with my family in Vietnam with great fondness.

Happy New Year! and I wish you and your family great health, wealth, success and happiness.

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